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The sales page is specially designed to pull you in.
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“Ready to make 2021 your best year yet?
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And it works…
As you read each line, you think to yourself: “this person really understands me”
They paint a compelling picture of where you could be if you take action now.
You’re told that it is worthwhile to invest in yourself and build an aspirational future for yourself.
You find yourself nodding in agreement to every word you read, feeling so understood internally.
The winning sales copy got all your buy buttons riled up and you’re just few seconds away from smashing the buy button with confidence.
After making a purchase, you attack the course content with a renewed sense of optimism and vigor.
Who needs a job when I have this course,” you say to yourself.
But then, reality sets in…
The course is NOT a good fit for you. You realize that in order to attain the results promised on the course’s testimonials, you’ll need:
Tech skills 
Copywriting skills 
Marketing skills to get leads and convert more sales
Video making skills to record yourself and edit the videos
Email marketing skills
And a ton of other skills
It is more complicated than described on the sales page.
You trusted them and never thought they’d lie to you by leaving out of such IMPORTANT details.
Now, the course isn’t useful to you anymore… and most times you end up not getting a refund.
So, you repeat the same steps again…
Look for a new course that promises to make you rich, pay a lot of money, end up feeling disappointed.
What if there was a way to stop wasting your hard-earned money on courses that do not work for you?
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